Localicious Menu Highlight: Eggs at the Brown Bag Café

Not every egg has to be hidden this time of year.  There are always great spots nearby to grab dishes featuring that quintessential breakfast and brunch staple, the mighty egg.  Let’s take a look at one “eggcellent” (admit it, you loved that pun) local joint that’s been serving up tasty takes on traditional dishes since 1979.

Flip the menu open at your local Brown Bag Café (12217 NE 116th St, Kirkland, WA 98033), and you’ll get what we’re talking about.  They’ve got huge (we’re not kidding, they’re stupid big) sandwiches, delicious burgers, and a breakfast menu can go toe-to-toe with any place around. They are super serious about it.

Let’s talk about why we’re here, though—the “Omelets & Skillets” section.  Take a look at this thing:


That’s a dozen different options, each one designed to satisfy all manners of egglust.

Quick sidenote: Did you even know that there’s such a thing as a “French-style omelet?” We thought all omelets were French just via their existence, but we were so wrong.  We didn’t know the real deal until we came here (apparently, a French-style omelet is a fluffier, less crispy version of its American cousin), but consider us schooled.

Warning: don’t go to this place if you’re not hungry. Their portions are gigantic, and you’ll just feel bad about yourself when a side of hash browns the size of a small child is delivered to your table.

But if you’re packing a powerful appetite and a craving for something scrambled, poached, or omeletted, look no further than the Brown Bag.

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