Localicious Dates in Kirkland

Summer in the Puget Sound brings all of us out hibernation. Whether we’re married, in a relationship or enjoying the single life, it’s our time to grab a partner and entertain ourselves with an unending array of interesting experiences.

So let’s forget about dinners, movies and bars for a little while and go find something a little more experimental. Here are a few “less conventional” and localicious ideas for fun dates in and around Kirkland.

Kirkland Art Walk
Kirkland Downtown, Lake St and Park Ln |  Bio at SeattleArtists.com

You’ve just moved into your swanky new apartment in the heart of downtown Kirkland. Imagine the positive response you’ll receive when when you ask your date to help you choose some artwork to give the place its own personal flair. The Kirkland Art Walk happens the second Friday of every month, from 5-8pm. (August 8 is the next one.) Enjoy browsing some fantastic local work, then grab dinner and a drink at one of the many restaurants and bars around the area.

Kirkland Art Walk

Waterways Cruises from Marina Park
25 Lakeshore Plaza Drive | Yelp Reviews

Kirkland summer nights seem like they were created to experience a sunset inspired yacht ride with spectacular views, handcrafted drinks, delicious food and live music. And instead of having to buy your own boat and do all the work, you can simply buy a couple of tickets and hop on a Waterways Cruise. Featuring Happy Hour, Sunset Dinner and Sunday Brunch options, they have several wonderful ways to spend a romantic morning or evening.


Beijing Herbal Foot Massage
316 Park Place Ctr |  Yelp Review

The couple massage experience is lovely, but can be a little pricey for your average weeknight on the town. Beijing Herbal Foot Massage in Park Place Center in Kirkland may be a solution for you.  Don’t be thrown off by the use of the term “Foot” in the name. For about $25 you can get some reflexology and a relaxing massage all over your body, not just your feet. And since it nestled nicely in Park Place, there are plenty of places for a glass of wine afterwards.

Beijing Herbal Foot Massage

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